Why I don’t buy gold


First Things First: It’s Cheating

World of Warcraft has many rules to make the game more interesting for the people who play it. If you bend or break the rules, no policeman will show up at your door to arrest you. WoW is a game, not a tax form. But don’t kid yourself, if you buy gold to hack your way into higher levels of the game that others have achieved by their own effort, you’re cheating. WoW is a great place to socialize with other players, and if they find out you’ve been cheating, you’re like to be shunned. No one likes a cheater.

It’s Against the Terms of Service

If you’re wondering why you should not buy WoW gold, you don’t have to look any further than the game’s terms of service. Blizzard terms regarding buying gold you that buying and selling gold outside the game is strictly against their rules, and if they catch you at it, they might confiscate the gold, and your account could be banned. Many players make the mistake of assuming they could just log in under another name, but the company can block your IP address as well as your old login, so getting another account might be hard. On top of that, you’ll have to start all over again at the bottom, which was the reason you bought gold in the first place. It’s just not worth the risk.

Most Gold for Sale Is Stolen

If you see a website selling gold, they’ll feature different stories about where the gold comes from. In reality, most of the gold for sale on the Internet is probably stolen from users accounts. If you respond to a website selling gold, you have to give them information about your account in order to transfer the gold to you. Since selling gold is cheating, you’re already doing business with someone that’s untrustworthy. Many of these websites use phishing information to steal gold out of other player accounts. Once you share some of your information with them, you could also have your account hacked and your resources stolen.

It’s Expensive

WoW is a fun game, and it gives you a lot of enjoyment for the little bit of money they charge for a monthly subscription. Buying gold in WoW is costly even if you don’t get caught, and even though you’ll be able to buy items sooner in the game, you can’t play the game any more than you can with a simple subscription.

You’ll Never Learn How to Play

If you’re constantly cutting corners and buying gold to get further into the game, you never really learn how World of Warcraft is played. Even though it appears that you’re a more experienced player because you’ve bought your way into higher levels, you won’t know what you’re doing, and other, more skilled players will know it. One of the most important reasons why you should not buy WoW gold is that you’ll never become a good player if you don’t work your way through the game on your own.

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