Stop grinding and start trading for faster gold


There’s a much better way to get gold in WoW. You can use WoW professions to get more gold. If you choose your professions wisely, you can accumulate materials much faster, and you can learn how to trade them for gold wisely.

gathering professions

Start With the Gathering Professions

Other players in the game will always need materials to make important items. They’ll be willing to pay a good price in gold for materials that you accumulate instead of gathering them for themselves. There are a few professions that will make you an ace gatherer. Mining, enchanting, and skinning are a few of the best ways to accumulate important materials quickly.

Get Twice the Gathering Benefit

In WoW, you’re limited to two professions at the same time. There’s a great loophole in this limit that you should take advantage of. You can perform cooking and fishing at the same time as two other professions because neither of them will count towards your two-profession limit. It’s like doubling your progress while still following the rules! It’s the smartest way to use WoW professions to get more gold in a hurry.

Move on to Trade Professions One at a Time

Once you’re well established on the game, you may want to take up professions like blacksmithing or leather working to create your own stuff instead of buying it pre-made. These are called trade professions. Once you begin to produce finished goods, you can avoid having to barter your gold to get what you need, and you can sell the stuff you make for much larger sums than they’re worth as raw materials. It’s tempting to abandon the gathering professions right away and use your trade professions to make money, but smart players keep one gathering profession while the change over to trade professions like jewel crafting. That way, they can continue to amass valuable raw materials on the side while they make even more gold with their trade professions.

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