Legion is coming! Here’s what you need to know


Legion is coming in august

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here, as Blizzard prepares to launch the sixth expansion for one of the most popular games ever created: World of Warcraft. The best thing is that we finally have an official release date: 30th of August. The MMO that broke every possible record since it first appeared on the market has gone through numerous changes over the years, each expansion bringing fantastic content and expanding the game’s massive lore to the point where Azeroth became almost like another dimension. Thousands of years of history have been covered by the amazing storytellers from Blizzard, and millions of players have been part of the epic battles between the Horde and the Alliance.

Unfortunately, Warlords of Draenor has shaken the game a bit by making it too easy for hardcore fans, a thing that brought down the number of active players to a historical low point. Don’t get me wrong, the game is still awesome, but the sense of a coherent community where communication and cooperation are the main focal point is almost gone, which is a shame considering how everyone benefited from this. But Legion promises to fix a lot of issues and gather the lost heroes of Azeroth through important changes in the game’s mechanics and lore.

This guide will keep you up to date with all the important information that you need for a smooth transition towards the new expansion. It will cover the most important changes and try to anticipate their impact on WoW’s economy. It also contains a series of tips and tricks that will help you prepare for the coming changes, a crucial aspect if you intend to enjoy all of the new content to a full extent.

Furthermore, as a special prize for all of you hardcore readers, we will present you with one of the best gold-making add-on’s that will be specially updated for the Legion changes. I’ve kept the best advice for last, as well as the information about the add-on, so make sure you won’t miss them.

Be familiar with all of the important changes

The first thing that you have to take care of is becoming familiar with all of the important changes that Legion will bring about. This will help you to create effective strategies right from the beginning and stay ahead of a large majority of players that will be slower paced. There’s a lot to cover, so we will only go through the most important elements.


After Warlords of Draenor, PvP has been at an all time low and most of you already know the reasons. Players were engaged in endless grinds for honor and conquest points, which made a lot of them give up the PvP in favor of PvE, where things were a lot more balanced and entertaining. The good news is that the PvP system will be completely reworked and there are a lot of great changes coming our way.

First of all, there will be no more honor and conquest points. Yes, you’ve heard that right. No more grinding endless hours in order to get the proper gear. They will be replaced by a brand new honor leveling system which is really similar to the ones used by popular MOBA games like Heroes of the Storm or League of Legends. As the players gain levels, there will be certain thresholds that will unlock PvP talents. You will be able to choose among many different talents that will aid you in the fierce confrontations with the other players.

The best thing that comes out of this is the fact that we will finally have a balanced PvP environment. These talents won’t have much of an impact on the PvE experience, thus Blizzard will have the opportunity to balance the classes without causing problems in other sections of the game. There have been a lot of instances when nerfs for PvP affected millions of players that weren’t involved in the arenas or PvP raids, so the developers took a different path and made sure that the balancing process will be a lot easier.

Another important change is the fact that once you reach level 50 on the PvP honor system, you will progress on the new Prestige ladder. You will then have to opportunity to get the exclusive prestige rewards, which will reset your position on the Honor ladder. The rewards will consist of new mounts, equipment, titles and a lot of cosmetic changes, but we hope that Blizzard will make them worth the effort. One of the downsides of this new system is the fact that all of your talent points will be lost, but as your prestige increases, so do the rewards.

The PvP gear will also suffer big changes. You won’t be able to buy it anymore, as the honor and conquest points are gone. Instead, Blizzard will use the strongbox system. This means that there will be less emphasis on PvP gear and more focus on the actual skills of the players. The impact of the gear level has been nerfed as well. Currently, if you have 25 gear levels over your opponent, you are 25% stronger than him. In Legion, things will shift dramatically as the same level difference will give only 2.5% of an advantage over your opponent. I hope that these changes will be for the better as a lot more people will start exploring the Battlegrounds and Arenas. Oh, did I mention that Legion will come with a brand new Arena? It will be called Ravencourt and promises to offer a lot of fun for both newcomers and experienced warriors.


Dungeons have been for the longest time a mostly dull feature of the game, in the sense that after completing them for the first time, they didn’t engage the players to come back too often except for farming purposes. Things will really change with Legion because the developers came up with a new system called Mythic Dungeons Plus. This will make them a lot more relevant throughout the game and a lot more engaging for players.

So here’s how it works. If you and your party beat a mythic dungeon in a certain time limit, you will receive a Mythic Keystone that will allow you to run that dungeon at a higher level, with the rewards scaling up as you go. But here is where things get interesting. As the difficulty increases, the new Affixes will begin to activate. What are Affixes, you might ask? Basically, they are modifiers that will appear at certain keystone level thresholds and will modify the rules of the run. Let me give you some examples of Affixes that you may stumble upon:

  • Tyrannical : bosses will have significantly more health and damage
  • Bolstering : thrash mobs buff their allies when they die
  • Teeming : the dungeon has extra trash

Affixes will be fixed for the entire world for one week, after which they will be changed. In the first day of the new week, you will receive a chest based on the highest level dungeon that you’ve cleared, containing awesome and relevant loot along with a high-level keystone. This keystone will be a couple of levels lower than the dungeon you’ve cleared, but the great thing about it is the fact that it will fit a different random dungeon from the realm. This means that players won’t be compelled to grind the same dungeon over and over again, to the point where boredom becomes almost unbearable. Instead, they will get to explore most of the dungeons from the realm while still being challenged by the mobs and bosses. The increased difficulty also means that collaborative gameplay will be necessary to beat higher level dungeons, which is wonderful news for the overall quality of the game.

With the new changes, dungeons will keep players entertained and engaged for a long time and will represent a complementary or even alternative progression path to raiding. Apart from that, they will have practically limitless levels. The only thing that remains to be seen is if Blizzard will properly balance the reward system for higher level dungeons so that they will remain relevant for max level players.

Max out all of your alternative characters

Among the most important aspects that you need to take care of before the launch of Legion is to max out every other character, apart from your main. As with all of the previous expansions, we should expect a Legion pre-patch that will nerf some of the classes, meaning that if you decide to try a different class after Legion, you may have to put a lot more effort than now.

This will also allow you to get more familiar with the game’s lore, in case you haven’t already. I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of this aspect. Warcraft’s lore is one of the most complex, deep and fascinating elements of WoW. The more you know about it, the more immersed you will be in the most epic battles Azeroth has ever witnessed. So take your time and prepare to become a genuine World of Warcraft adventurer.

Get your professions to the maximum level

The great thing about every new expansion is the price inflation of certain materials that will become overpriced for the beginning months. These may be used for new recipes or new items, so it would be a great idea to max out your professions and start selling these valuable materials in the Auction House as soon as the expansion launches.

By doing so, you will be on the front end of the community, thus being able to highly benefit from the economic boom in the first months after Legion’s launch. I would recommend you to invest time in developing crafting, gathering and engineering. They have always been profitable and will definitely get you a great financial boost.

Look for a great raiding guild

We know from previous expansions that a lot of players have quit World of Warcraft because they pretty much explored everything the game had to offer. We also know that with each expansion, millions of players return to Azeroth to experience the new adventures, raids, dungeons and lore. Legion won’t make an exception and that is why it’s a great idea to start looking for a great raiding guild.

You have to take advantage of the unfilled spots from such guilds. Aside from gaining valuable knowledge about the raiding system, you will be able to enjoy the new raids from Legion without having to experience messed up guilds filled with beginners that don’t know what they’re doing. By the time the majority of players will gain access to these raids, you will already have a lot of valuable equipment that will be overpriced in the auction house. That translates into piles of gold that you will earn for just being smart and preparing in advance.

Finish all the quests from Warlords of Draenor

By the time Legion will have launched, the lands of Draenor will look like a deserted land because everyone will head out to the Broken Isles. Furthermore, the challenges from Warlords of Draenor will be a lot harder, so it will be practically impossible to finish quests like the Nemesis Quest or to gain the Ashran Achievement. This is your last chance to benefit from the powerful rewards that Warlords of Draenor can give you. Also, don’t forget to acquire as many mythic dungeon trinkets as you can. They will be quite helpful to you in your progression to level 110. Upgrading your legendary ring to level 795 is also an excellent thing that you could do. After Legion, it will be practically impossible and the buffs gained from this will help you be a lot stronger for the new content, especially given the new difficulty settings from the mythic dungeons.

Gather as much gold as possible

Now it’s time for the big secret and the most important tip to have in mind while preparing for Legion: gather as much gold as possible! This is the best thing you could do right now if you haven’t started already. You should max the amount of gold on each character that you have, until the launch of Legion. The reasons are quite obvious: you will be able to properly enjoy the new content without worrying that you don’t have money to fix your gear, or improve your equipment to avoid dying every time you stumble upon stronger monsters. It’s also the perfect way to be ahead of the vast majority of players that will gather on Blizzard’s server in the months after Legion sets in.

Also, one of the most important changes from Legion is the gold cap increase, from 1 million to 10 million gold. If you follow the advice I’ve given you so far and use the secret add-on, you will be among the first ones to reach the new gold cap, which is no small deal considering the millions of players that will come back to the game. The strategy of being among the first ones to access the new content has always brought experienced players gigantic rewards after the launch of any expansion. This is also the case right now.

If 1 million gold seems a lot to you, then most likely you haven’t read our previous guide “How to Make Gold in 2016”  and haven’t heard about one of the best gold-making add-on’s that you can ever find.  It is called Tycoon, official site here, and has been used by players from all around the world to increase their gold income and stay ahead of the competition by having access to the intricacies of WoW’s economy. The addon has several modules that will keep you up to date with detailed statistics about the Auction House, the most valuable items, materials and farming spots from your realm and the most profitable Dungeons you can farm. I gave a detailed description of how to use the add-on, as well as a lot of tips on how to earn insane amounts of gold every day in the guide, so make sure to check it out before you set your strategy in motion. Don’t forget that you can try Tycoon for 60 days with a full refund and no questions asked warranty. That in itself should tell you something about its quality and usefulness. My tycoon addon review here.

The good news is that the talented programmers from Dynasty, Tycoon’s creators, official site, are working diligently to prepare for the launch of Legion. Immediately after that, you will have a fully updated version of Tycoon that will continue to propel you into the elite and wealthy class of World of Warcraft players. The advantages you will gain from the Auction House module alone will blow your mind in the first month, when all of the new pets, items, and valuable materials will be highly overpriced and in high demand.

Final Thoughts

Legion promises a lot of things and the hype around it may cause some concern for experienced players, especially having gone through the launch of Warlords of Draenor. Fortunately, the many issues that came up with that expansion were valuable lessons that Blizzard seems to have assimilated. They listened to the community, recognized their mistakes and have created the context for a true World of Warcraft revival. The emphasis on rebuilding a communal feeling throughout the game, the new quests system that is deeply immersed in the Warcraft lore, the new dungeon system along with all the other great improvements that we haven’t covered in this guide will definitely make Legion a longterm experience.

If you want to be truly prepared for the greatest battle that Azeroth has ever seen, you now have everything you need to make full preparations and have the best possible experience with the new content. Time is short, so you should begin right away with creating a proper strategy and establishing your priorities. Good luck and may you fight honorably in the coming Apocalypse.

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