How to play the Auction House like a professional


Understanding how the Auction House really works will help you beat it

The very first thing that you’re going to need to understand about the Auction House is that it is a completely player driven mechanic, which means that it’s going to be almost impossible to predict – but very easy to manipulate.

Certain items have always been popular (and lucrative) on the market, but other items – exclusive loot and hard to find items in particular – have values that are notorious for skyrocketing and then bottoming out in record time, kind of like the stock market.

By paying attention to what’s hot right now (and what was hot previously), you’ll be able to stock up on previously “must-have” items at dirt cheap prices. This is going to allow you to hold them until their failure skyrockets again – when you’ll be able to cash right in.

auction house on wow

How to uncover “inside market information” that turns you into a gold minting machine

Of course, you’re only going to be able to pull this off if you are paying close attention to what the market is into right now and what they used to be into historically.

Thankfully, almost all of this information is available directly through the Auction House, and all you’re going to have to do is pay attention to the data that they provide.

Combing through World of Warcraft forums, the sub on Reddit, and a number of other online resources will help you better understand what kind of items are red-hot right and which items you’d be smart to stockpile – information that is all available completely free of charge that can dramatically impact the amount of “takeover” gold you enjoy.

Tips and tricks to negotiate for better prices so that you can boost your profits

One of the coolest aspects of the Auction House is that you can purchase items directly from other players and then turn around and flip those items were resources for a profit – all depend almost entirely upon your ability to negotiate for a better deal.

The most impactful tip or trick you’ll get about negotiating (in the World of Warcraft or anywhere else) is to cultivate a personality that isn’t afraid to walk away from a deal that is even just a few inches away from being perfect – but still not perfect.

You’ll also want to try and be as fair as you can be with these deals, and approach that most players are used to – mostly because they constantly face other players that are trying to hold them over a barrel and loot them in the process.

Stick to your guns, walk from deals that aren’t to your liking, but always try to create “win-win” situations (if possible) and you’ll be able to make the Auction House work for you!

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