How to Make Gold in 2016


how to make gold in 2016

World of Warcraft isn’t the most beginner friendly game out there. It’s easy to play but quite difficult to master and if you’re reading this, you want to feel comfortable with your gold earnings in the land of Azeroth. That’s completely normal given the possibilities that stand in front of you when your pockets are full. You can buy WoW Tokens, which allow you to play the game without having to pay for a monthly subscription. You can have the best pieces of equipment and the most spectacular mounts and pets. And above everything else, you can save a lot of time, because you won’t be forced to roam cluelessly through random places trying to gather a few thousand gold pieces for a cheap bargain in the Auction House.

This guide contains up to date strategies and advice that will considerably increase your daily profits, given that you are disciplined and chose the ones that best fit your playing style. The last part of our guide,“The big secret”, will grant you access to a powerful secret that will double your earnings with no effort whatsoever, so stay tuned.

The beginning

questsThe main thing you will have to focus on once you begin the journey is questing. Secondary quests, main quests, random quests, you have to drop yourself into every story and gather as much knowledge and experience as possible. It will be difficult at first because you will have crappy equipment and any creature looming in the woods will seem dangerous and nasty.

There is a pretty simple way of getting over this discouraging start. First of all, you have to attend the Darkmoon Fair which comes to town on the first Sunday of every month. If you don’t know the location, you will be able to talk to a Darkmoon Fair Mystic Mage which will agree to teleport you to the area for a small fee. Once you get some tickets, go over to the Souvenir and Toy Prizes stand and buy a 16 slot bag. All you have to do then is start fishing. Your main target will be Bloated Threshers, which have a pretty decent chance to come with 10 – 30 gold in them. You will therefore win a couple of hundred gold per hour, which will allow you to get some decent gear and successfully continue your journey.

After you go beyond this step, keep in mind the gold gatherer’s mantra: never spend your gold! Unless you need certain assets that improve your gold count or you need to meet some requirements for the following guide sections. But otherwise do not spend your gold. Instead, rely on the gear you gain in dungeons and raids. The quests and missions spread throughout the game will make you familiar with the basic concepts of WoW and at higher levels you will earn a fair amount of gold as a reward for completing them. You will get to understand your class mechanics, you will know the main areas of Azeroth and you will become familiar with every dungeon and raid. This part is really important because after you level up, you will have to weekly grind these raids as a good source of income. But we’ll get to that later.

The chores of farming, raiding and using the Auction House

Burning Steppes

Burning Steppes

Once you hit level 100, you’re in business. This is a good time to take a break and come up with a strategy. If you want to become rich, you need to figure out how much time are you willing to invest in the game. If you have no time restrictions then farming is for you. There are a couple of places in Azeroth where you can farm every day for different rare drops, expensive materials or a large number of green and unique items. Some places are known by everyone but some are hidden in plain site, like the old pirate treasures.

To give you a head start, I have some tips for where to farm each day for one or more hours. The Medallion of the Legion is an important item introduced in the the last add-on, Warlords of Draenor. The users that have it gain 1000 reputation points in Draenor. Why is this important? Because you will have to be in good terms with all the factions from these lands in order to fly over Draenor. So the Medallion of the Legion saves a lot of time for players who are eager to get right into the action. This is the main reason for which the Medallion is quite expensive in any Auction House across the Blizzard servers. Where can you find it? In Tanaan Jungle, where four elite champions have a chance of dropping this item: Terrorfist, Vengeance, Doomroller and Deathtalon. You can and should visit this place every day and get your chance at the medallion. If the stars aren’t in your favor, don’t worry. These boys can also drop a Rattling Iron Cage which can contain a couple of highly valuable mounts.

Another right place for daily farming is the Isle of Giants from Mists of Pandaria. Here you have a good change do find cool pets and the gold/hour ratio is worth the effort. Apart from the daily farms, you should schedule one day per week when you will be taking on solo raids. They will be from old expansions and the ones I highly recommend are the Cataclysm ones with elite 25 player difficulty. They have the best drop rates from any other old expansion, so doing them each week will be a consistent source of income. Apart from the garbage that you will sell to vendors, you will come across green items, pets, recipes and unique items that may sell for a fortune at the Auction House. Therefore, after each raiding session, you will have to study the market and find the best prices for your items. Be consistent, especially with valuable items. If you will be patient enough, in a couple of weeks the efforts will be worth it and you will sell your gear.

The Auction House will become a focal point in your journey to richness. If you keep your daily schedule of farming, raiding and doing missions, the odds will be in your favor. Valuable items are inevitable at this play rate. Research the market, become familiar with popular or expensive items and materials and consider farming for them, if there are few providers on your server.

The blessings of the Garrison

wow GarrisonOne of the most important additions brought by Warlords of Draenor is the Garrison. These small fortresses give players a lot of flexibility when it comes to enhancing their economic situation. I would go as far as to say that they provide everyone with a lazy way of making money. I won’t go into detail for every possible way of profiting from the Garrisons, but I will give you the basic knowledge with which you will gain between 1000 and 4000 gold every day, for a couple of clicks.

You will have access to the Garrison as soon as you start your adventures in Draenor. After a couple of quests form the main quest line, you will be the proud owner of a level 1 Garrison fully equipped with a level 1 Barracks building. In order to construct and upgrade the buildings in your garrison, you will need to collect Garrison Resources which can be earned through various activities. For a fully upgraded Garrison you will need to spend around a month, doing daily missions and specific quests. I would recommend that you only create and upgrade the buildings that allow you to gain a lot of gold through follower missions. To do this a little faster, you should know that the rare mobs spread all across Draenor have around 30 Garrison Resources on them, so this would be a great thing to put on your daily check-list. This way you will be getting gold, good items and also resources for your Garrison at the same time.

What buildings are required for your daily five minute gold-making clicking session? First of all, you have the Lunarfall Inn or Frostwolf Tavern, depending on which faction you are part of. Beginning with Level 2, this building allows you to recruit one new follower each week. Bear in mind that you need followers with the treasure hunting perk, which doubles the amount of gold earned on a mission. Upgrading this building to level 3 will give you access to the treasure hunting missions, which are the main focus of this guide. Every day you will use the Garrison to send you followers on every treasure hunting mission available.

The Salvage Yard is another important building in our plan. It increases the loot gained by the followers in missions and also allows them to find Big Crates of Salvage which can contain rare and precious items that can be sold at the Auction House. You will also need a Storehouse that connects your character to the Bank, the Guild Bank and gives you extra storage space. You should upgrade your Barracks last. At level 3 the Barracks will increase the maximum number of followers to 25, which will be more than enough for a daily flow of gold. Keep in mind that all the effort you put into you garrison will pay of in less than a week after everything is set up. Every day you will go to the follower missions menu, chose all the treasure hunting missions and then collect the rewards.

The perks of being a gatherer

How to use professions to increase your revenues

Tanaan jungleGathering professions have been problematic when Warlords of Draenor was released and the main reason is the Garrison. Having a mine and a garden nearby created an imbalance when it comes to demand and offer. Practically, the market was flooded with materials, so the prices plunged downwards, removing any kind of motivation. Fortunately, things changed with patch 6.2, when Felblight was introduced. This is a new Crafting Reagent can be found in the Tanaan jungle. It is used for important gear upgrades, so the demand for it is quite high in the Auction House. The best way to get it is by having two gathering professions, because this will allow you to get more Felblight each time you farm the region. I recommend mining and skinning, but this is a personal preference, as I’m not a fan of the flower picking business. But if you like it, go ahead and do your thing.

Apart from this, you can check the auction house each day to see what materials score high on the price range. That way you will know where to focus your attention, so that at the end of the day you will gain as much gold as possible. Remember, the Auction House is like the Stock Market. You can exponentially increase your income, but you can also work in vain. Be smart and make rational decisions, because these ones will get you to the right place.

The big secret

tycoon gold addon

If you have made it so far, I will make your efforts worth it because I’ve kept the best for last. Everything I have shared with you so far will allow you to become fairly wealthy. You will be able to purchase valuable items or mounts and buy WoW Tokens to avoid paying for the monthly subscription. But the problem is that you will still have to spend a lot of time farming, going through the auction house and checking the prices, trying your luck with the farming zones and so on. This may be a problem for a large number of players that can’t afford to spend so much time with the game. It may also be a problem for those who want to enjoy the game more and do new and exciting things every day.

This is when the drums start rolling because there is a solution to all these problems:  a great add-on brought to us by Dynasty, called Tycoon addon, official site here. It basically enhances all of the methods described so far by showing you the most valuable items, materials and farming spots on your server as well as giving you detailed statistics for the Auction House. The add-on has several different modules, which will enhance your gold making skills.

The most important one is the Auctions module. This will be your main source of income after you install the add-on. It works by scanning the Auction House and generating important statistics to help you get the largest amount of gold possible. In order to have the best stats, you will need to scan the Auction House for at least three consecutive days. The best part is that by each day you add, the stats will be more and more relevant, to the point where you will be able to instantly find underpriced items, buy and sell them for their real value. This kind of information is personalized for your specific server. Sometimes there are huge differences between servers, to the point where items and materials that can make you rich on on server are worthless on another. But Tycoon, my personal review here, gives you up to date information about the real economical trends and loopholes from the server you are using.

The next important module is Crafting. Here you will find the current trends regarding crafting items. You can see what are the most popular and demanded items on your server. You can see how much competition there is for a certain item, as well as the costs of materials and the amount of gold you will earn from the transaction. This is an invaluable tool if you plan to craft your way out of poverty.

The Gathering module provides you with everything you need to know about gathering materials: the price evolution in the past weeks, how many providers and what materials are most profitable in a certain time. Further more, once you decide on what to look for, the add-on will draw a path on the map, so you will know exactly where you can find them.

The Dungeon module is another important addition. It will provide you with a list of the best dungeons available on your server, along with information about how long it will take to finish them and an estimated gold/hour ratio. This is a fantastic source of information for your daily runs, as it will maximize the ammount of gold that you will be gaining each day.

Finally the Farming module shows you what areas have the best gold/hour ratio, so that your daily farming sessions will be spot on. You can also find the best places for fishing, along with other useful information that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Tycoon addon is a must have for any passionate WoW player. And you don’t have to trust my word for it. Just try it out, use it for a while and see for yourself how the amount of gold you earn each day gradually increases, even if you spend less time farming and grinding. The developers have so much confidence in their product that they will allow you to get a full refund with no question asked in a timeframe of 60 days. Just go the the official website, install it and enjoy. You can find my tycoon addon review here.

Final thoughts

You now have a full set of strategies and tools that will allow you to thrive in the kingdom of Azeroth. Everything you have learned here can be applied to each one of your characters, which means that the more max level characters you have the more gold you will earn. Once you have three or four characters, you will be feeling like Scrooge McDuck when you will check your treasury. From this point on, you will be able to play the game for free. You will be able to purchase the best possible gear, the most spectacular mounts and join the elites of WoW in the following expansions. Have fun!

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