Getting your hands on top level gear to get more gold in WOW


Dominating in the World of Warcraft is about a lot more than leveling up

One of the most important things for you to understand right out of the gate is that there is a lot more to dominating the World of Warcraft and just leveling up as quickly as you can.

Eventually you’re going to reach the same level cap that everyone else is sitting on at the top of the leaderboard, and by that point in time it’s going to be up to your skills, your experience, your insider knowledge, and the equipment that you put into play to determine whether or not you come out on top – or slide by the wayside.

Without a quality stockpile of gold, however, you aren’t going to be able to purchase those top-level pieces of gear and equipment.

That means you’ll always be held back, always be second-place, and always have to suffer at the hands of those that have unleashed the “gold minting machine” we are going to break down for you below.

wow top gear

The best gear, weapons, and equipment in the game can cost a small fortune…

Top level gear, weapons, and equipment (we’re talking about real “endgame” style contest here) is nowhere near as cheap or as inexpensive as everything else is very

In fact, you can expect to spend a few million pieces of gold on just a single weapon if you’re talking about a true powerhouse and rare items here.

Unless you have a small fortune stockpiled already, the odds are pretty good that you have been rolling out with semi-decent gear and weapons/armor that need to be repaired and upgraded – but you probably don’t have the dough on hand to make those improvements.

… But the fastest way to make a small fortune in WOW is to have that gear, those weapons, and that equipment

That’s because the process to make gold requires top level gear, high-end weapons, and super protective armor and equipment!

The cycle is vicious.

Thankfully, when you understand the little secret that we are going to share with you below you are going to be able to make smart decisions with your gear and equipment and unlock the kind of effortless gold attraction system that’s so important to dominating the World of Warcraft they appeared

Making smart investments to unlock effortless gold benefits

What you want to do is purchase the very best equipment you can get your hands on with whatever gold you have available, even if it means quite literally breaking your bank account – provided that you will be able to flip that equipment later down the line.

Pay attention to the gear that attracts the most amount of gold in the Auction House today at your price point, and only focus on purchasing those pieces of equipment – even if they aren’t all that exciting to you on the surface.

In this way, you’ll be able to rollout with quality weapons and armor to make more gold, but will also be able to sell those same pieces later down the line (most of the time at a decent profit) to boost your stockpile substantially.

It’s just another effortless way to build up your gold reserves in the World of Warcraft!

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