Hello, I’m Jeffrey and welcome to WoW Gold Tycoon.

I’m not quite ready to unwind or relinquish my grip on WOW just yet, but I am interested in helping newbies more established veterans better understand what it takes to stockpile gold in this game.

Far and away the most important resource in the World of Warcraft, if you don’t have a steady and reliable supply of gold you stand next to no chance of getting your hands “endgame” armor and weapons, won’t be able to contribute directly to powerful guilds and other allies, and will never have the opportunity to secure elite level items and loot that other people dream of owning.

On top of that, when you are the “guy with the gold”, you are going to discover that different doors and opportunities in the World of Warcraft seem to open up all on their own. You’ll be invited into a secret order of individuals that understand how this game works on a very real and tangible level, individuals that have discovered how to corner the market (so to speak) on gold and make the economy work for them.

If this sounds a little bit dark and sinister, it’s because it’s of the secrecy that surrounds these approaches to getting as much gold as possible – you’ll never have to play against the rules of World of Warcraft, will never have to worry about putting your account or reputation in jeopardy, and will be able to use gold (the most precious resource there is) in whatever beneficial ways you feel necessary.

This is how you gain real power in the World of Warcraft, regardless of your race, your class, or your experience.

Strap in.

You’re about to be handed the real keys to the castle.